1. Silly Usagi! Why you running around night city naked?
  2. Gotta love the blond pubic hair!
  3. If you ever download anime online, that was recorded from TV, you will see the time at the top corner. So… Clearly just another episode of Sailor Moon on TV here…
  4. Marry me, dressed in that outfit, so I could bang you daily!
  5. I like to read manga before I go to sleep =)
  6. One slutty moon princess, you are!
  7. Oh, Bunny, stop getting yourself caught in the ropes!
  8. Presents are here!! Nicely wrapped! Time to unwrap them =)and play with my new toys!
  9. Bunny, bunny, you always get caught in ropes! So cute!
  10. "For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Moon!" - Sailor Moon
Very pretty indeed, my dear!
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