1. Well, well, well…
  2. Hm, I don’t recall that from the series, but I like it still!
  3. Aha! The hidden part of the transformation! I knew they don’t just glow!
  4. Can’t help but like those perky breasts with hard nipples!
  5. Lovely! Not the right season, but be my valentine? Feel free to take off more than just panties!
  6. Who are you, pretty soldier?
  7. Silly Usagi! Why you running around night city naked?
  8. Gotta love the blond pubic hair!
  9. So let’s go over this again.. A bunch of teenage girls, dressed in slutty outfits, with things that resemble sex toys, doing naughty things. YUP, Definitely sounds like Sailor Soldiers!
  10. How many of you have watched Sailor Moon as KIDS and noticed that Sailor Jupiter had giant breasts? But despite that you still liked Sailor Moon cause, well she was the main heroine, the princess! How many of you dreamed of Usagi with bigger breasts? For those of you who did - enjoy!
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