1. Well, well, well…
  2. Hm, I don’t recall that from the series, but I like it still!
  3. Aha! The hidden part of the transformation! I knew they don’t just glow!
  4. Aaaaaw!
  5. Gotta love the blond pubic hair!
  6. How many of you have watched Sailor Moon as KIDS and noticed that Sailor Jupiter had giant breasts? But despite that you still liked Sailor Moon cause, well she was the main heroine, the princess! How many of you dreamed of Usagi with bigger breasts? For those of you who did - enjoy!
  7. I find this cute but hot!
  8. If you ever download anime online, that was recorded from TV, you will see the time at the top corner. So… Clearly just another episode of Sailor Moon on TV here…
  9. I like to read manga before I go to sleep =)
  10. One slutty moon princess, you are!
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